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Rethink DEI. Rethink DEI. Rethink DEI. Rethink DEI. 

Rethink DEI. Rethink DEI. Rethink DEI. Rethink DEI. 

DEI for Colleges & Universities

Curate a learning environment to inspire, motivate and encourage learners from all lived experiences

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DEI for Healthcare and Hospital Settings

Health begins with equity.

Build DEI competency in your clinical teams and embed health equity in all aspects of your research. Meet with one of our health equity experts to discuss the needs of your team today.

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DEI for Businesses

From small & lean operations to Fortune 500 companies, the future of growth in business will depend on our ability to build conduct meaningful interactions with all members of the global community. Explore our many options for education, training and IDEAA Auditing for your business today.

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Introducing Bettering 

Build powerful DEI strategies using data from your own organization - all in one place.

Identify DEI Gaps

Develop data-driven solutions

Measure progress

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stronger together. 

stronger together. 

stronger together. 

stronger together. 

stronger together. 


Turning DEI-data into precise, sustainable actions to guide organizational strategy.

Step 1: Begin with SIAS.

The Self-Identification, Attitude and Sentiment measurement tool invites members of your organization to share their lived experiences and aspects of social location. This information is used to identify gaps in DEI infrastructure, inform future DEI initiatives, and build sustainable, respectful and effective DEI solutions to enhance the work and learning environment.

Step 2: Bridge gaps in DEI infrastructure.

Our team of SME’s will analyze SIAS data, as well as review the landscape of your organization to identify vulnerabilities in policies, protocols and culture as they relate to inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility and antiracism (IDEAA).

Step 3: Develop powerful DEI solutions tailored to your organization.

Bettering consultants will develop an attainable and measurable strategic plan to drive systems-transformation over the course of 1-5 years. With data-informed goal setting, our team will prioritize goals in a timeline that is optimized for success.

Step 4: Evaluate your success with the protection of our 365-Accountability Guarantee.

All of our work at Bettering is backed by a 365-accountability guarantee, with built-in 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and annual check-ins and retainer for ongoing consultations until all of your organizational DEI goals are actualized. With room to pivot at every turn, our solutions are designed so that changes and updates can be made seamlessly as the needs of your organization evolve over the years.

Transform the work and learning environment.

Whether you’re taking your very first steps in your DEI journey or evaluating how far you’ve come Bettering promises solutions, guidance, support and strategies to carry your team into the next phase of your transformation.

Training and Development

Our experts at Bettering will work with the needs and lived-experiences of your team to develop powerful, sustainable and era-appropriate educational webinars, modules, live virtual/in-person trainings and keynotes to inspire, motivate and build DEI competency across your workplace community.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Whether you’ve just begun your DEI journey, or want to level-up your existing DEI-competency, our 1-on-1 coaching services aim to inspire growth, confidence and resiliency among aspiring DEI leaders.

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Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Design

Bettering is proud to offer website design services through our partners at Dxm.To, as well as accessibility audits, marketing and logo design to ensure your organization’s web-presence and branding remain artistic and accessible.

Accessible branding and more