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Data-powered DEI solutions to enhance the work and learning environment.

Building safer, progressive and inclusive workplaces

using actionable

anti-oppressive practices.

Identify gaps in strategy, implement DEI solutions and measure progress using data from your own organization.

Automate your growth

3:45 duration

DEI Assessments, Audits and Surveys

Get to the core of diversity, equity and inclusion needs by identifying interpersonal, organizational and systemic gaps using:

  1. Self-ID, Attitude and Sentiment Surveys (SIAS) to measure workforce diversity and wellbeing of equity-seeking community members

  2. Assessments of the current state of DEI at your workplace:
    – Where do we stand?​
    – Where do we need to be?

  3. Audits of organizational structure, policies, protocols and culture to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in DEI needs

Training & Education

  • Unlock your team’s potential with tailored, and accessible anti-oppression training and education for all audiences.
  • Foster & cultivate safety, respect and inclusivity in your workplace with training and education on:
    • Anti-racism​

    • Accessibility

    • Gender-based violence prevention

    • Decolonization

  • One-on-one coaching for leadership

Prevention & Repair

  • Identify triggers for conflict & patterns of DEI gaps in the infrastructure of your organization

  • Repair trust between team members using trauma-informed conflict-resolution strategies

  • Strengthen organizational and individual accountability skills

Strategic Planning

Turn intention into action by developing strategic directives that amplify organizational strengths and build capacity for long-term, sustainable success.
  • Develop an organizational vision & identity

  • Identify strategies, resources and motivation to bring your vision to life

  • Execute a sustainable plan of action to achieve KPI’s and measurable DEI outcomes
  • Increase motivation and wellbeing across teams

  • Uplift equity-seeking groups within your organization

  • Increase overall DEI competency within your organization

Learn more about our strategic planning services

Why choose Bettering? 

Bettering transforms members of your team into leaders equipped with practical and actionable anti-oppression practices. We translate critical theory, data, and the lived-reality of staff and leadership into strategic directives and solutions designed to uplift, protect and empower your team. 

We offer:

  • Scalable pricing and plans based on organization size, budget and community orientation
  • An accountability guarantee with all of our services by conducting 30-180-365 day check-ins to revise solutions, guide implementation of strategic directives and unlimited consulting hours
  • Research-based delivery of education designed by people of colour with years of experience implementing DEI solutions in large, complex organizations
    (20 000+ employees)
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Reach your 2023 DEI goals

Reach your 2023 DEI goals

Reach your 2023 DEI goals

Reach your 2023 DEI goals

Reach your 2023 DEI goals

Empower your team and increase wellness

Empower your team and increase wellness

Empower your team and increase wellness

Empower your team and increase wellness

Empower your team and increase wellness

Frequently asked questions

What does DEI mean?

Diversity is a state of uplifting, respecting and learning from people with different lived-experiences

Equity is a principle which positions members of marginalized communities for success with ample opportunities for growth and development + universal design that welcomes all to learn, contribute and participate. 

Inclusion is the act of fostering belonging, safety, and respect in the workplace/learning environment.

Who are your founders?

Bettering was founded by ZJS, a woman of colour with 10 years of experience in human rights, health equity, and gender based violence prevention in large, complex organizations. After witnessing post-secondary institutions, public sector organizations and private businesses struggle to implement effective DEI strategies, she founded to produce solutions using data directly from the work/learning community.

How long do strategic planning services take?

Strategic planning services typically take 1-2 months for mid to large sized organizations (1000-20000+ employees), but can be completed sooner for smaller teams. The timeline for this service is largely dependent on the quality of data received from your organization.

What is the "accountability guarantee"?

At Bettering, all of our services come with a guarantee to remain accountable to your organization. We accomplish this by implementing monthly, mid-year and annual check-ins with your team to ensure our DEI solutions are delivering results and leading to measurable outcomes. Based on your feedback we may alter certain strategic directives or KPI’s, or return to offer additional guidance, education and coaching to your team.